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From an early age I wanted to sew garments out of every piece of fabric I could find. I followed this childhood dream in high school and later on studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent.

In my studies I was always drawn to textures and like my grandmother before me, loved kitting, embroidering and creating things from scratch. My passion for textures continues at home mixing them into crafts or clothing design.


One of the things I learned at the Academy is that there’s a lot more to it than just the process of designing, which is why I became more and more fascinated by the story you are creating with your leading role in clothing.

In London I followed a short course "Fashion editorial styling" where I gained more insights into becoming a fashion stylist.


After my bachelor I started a class in Beauty Essentials at MUD Belgium, as Make-Up is another passion of mine. It was a short, but intensive course that taught me the “essentials” of make-up.


On a regular basis, I also assist stylists with preparations for magazine-shoots or help on set. I’m always learning and my goal is to develop and master many other techniques for hair-styling and make-up, but also to focus more on fashion styling and creating new ideas and concepts.


Photo: Sabine Žic

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