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The flower clouds are made with dried flowers and preserved greens.

The flowers were dried when the colors were at its prettiest and will continue to shine as colorful if you keep them at the right atmosphere (dry & not in direct sunlight.) 

Some of them are additionally colored after the drying proces to give them an extra touch of color. 

The tropical leaves are preserved, they will continue to give you the green tropical vibe just like in the wilderness.

It’s a cloud filled with nature, captured at its prettiest.

And one that will stay above you, for a long time. 

The flower clouds and flower blocks were shown at the window shop of LOST IN PABLOS. The store sells clothing for Bad Hombres and hosted the clouds until the end of may 2021. 

Vrijdagsmarkt 38, 9000 Ghent



Photo's: Sabine Žic

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