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​Spring 2020: Lockdown during a global pandemic but with nature at its prettiest.

Every day around four o'clock my dog eagerly reminds me that it's time for his daily walk. So I grab the leash, put on my hiking boots and off we go for a trip through the village I know like the back of my hand. Or so I thought. This lockdown somehow sent me in other directions, made me discover unfamiliar paths, new landscapes and hidden spots where I was amazed by the flowers that grew there. 

Ofcourse I had to pick some of these flowers and after we got home I decided to dry them between a couple of heavy old dictionaries my grandfather left me. Who knew these could still prove useful.

​The outcome was so pretty, I just couldn't keep it to myself. So I started making postcards and sending them out to friends and family around the country.

Later, when my dad started preperations for his organic vegetable garden, it got me thinking of joining him and planting my own flower garden in the field. So, seeds in the ground and with just a few months of watering, weeding, growing and finally blossoming, I ended up with my first homegrown flowers!

These were dried just like the wild flowers, only now I poured them in resin which after some trial and error resulted in homemade coasters of wild and organic flowers. 

A little bit of nature captured at its prettiest.

Perfect to brighten up your table or hang on your wall.

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